Monday, August 12, 2013

And Then There's This

So, It seems that our Commander-in-Chief has decided to take a vacation.

Now, don't read me wrong here, I know the man has a hard job and is entitled to a few down days. I get that, really I do. I think though that this might be the wrong time to be going to hop on some retro bike and tool around Martha's Vineyard.

Or stop for a delightful frozen treat....
Mmmm.... tastes like relaxation

 Right now, RIGHT FREAKING NOW, there is a myriad of issues that could certainly benefit from his attention. 

For example, there is the diplomatic cold war that he is losing in spectacular fashion:

Or if you happen to be on about his Affordable Care Act...thingy:

Of course, one could bring attention to the apparent resurgence of certain terror groups that are rearing their nasty heads, in a very uncool manner:

But, like I said earlier, everyone is entitled to a little down time. A little. Unfortunately, this little jaunt will cap off 96 days of vacation that this President has taken since being in office. Do that math real quick, that is a little over three weeks every year. Now maybe it's sour grapes on my part but i get to take maybe a week off a year. Maybe? Now three weeks a year might not seem like much but these trips are rather extravagant.

Martha's Vineyard is not exactly a cheap place to vaca, nor is Hawaii. but that's where the man likes to unwind. Now, the Obama's are not exactly paupers and they most likely can afford to finance these trips on their own, but the cost of travel and security can easily run into the millions of dollars. Tax dollars. Our tax dollars...

I think it would probably be more fiscally sound for there to be some sort of camp that is set aside as a presidential retreat, maybe in Maryland. Oh wait, we have that. It's called Camp David.

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