Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Look At This Clown

Poor libs are in an uproar about some rodeo clown that decided to don a mask of President... what's his name...

The NAACP has come out calling for a DOJ investigation of this clown. A rodeo clown. A race investigation on a rodeo clown. Please consider that.

This has gotten so out of hand that so many people are so scared of the race spectre that they shy away that might be construed as defamitory. But this guy, he was mocking the President. And the left does not like it at all.

Nevermind that they had nothing for praise for guys like this...
I like being uninformed....
 Or this precious moment....
 But to even consider mocking President Whats-his-name, perish the thought.... you racist.

Mocking Republicans or Conservatives seems to be a wholly acceptable and prolific pass-time. but what I find really interesting is the fact that the people who are, seemingly, really horked off at this clown probably didn't realize tht State Fairs still happened, and assume that everyone in the Midwest are just a bunch of uneducated red-neck hicks. Very not bigoted of them wouldn't you say? 

But seriously, this rodeo clown has been banned for life from performing at the Missouri State Fair because some people, the aforementioned people that most likely did not realize that these things still happened, have such thin skins. these people would have President What's-his-name be so sacred that it is an investigative  offense to take part in... well being a clown and making fun of a politician.

But what shocks me even more, is the fact that What's-his-name has not come out and said 'Seriously guys, he's a clown. Literally a clown. He's supposed to do this stuff, and I'm a big boy, I can take being made fun of'. But he hasn't! and the reason I think that he hasn't is because he's not a "big boy" that can take it.  I think he is so overwhelmed with the job he has and he has such thin skin that he can't even take a joke.

Well, at least his loyal followers can't, at the very least. But we, we have to accept them acting like braying animalistic morons when they don't get their way.

Don't like a court ruling? Say the system is racist.

Don't like a new law? Call it's sponsors racist.

Don't think people should be ID'd to vote? Call anyone who does a racist.

Don't like someone making fun of the President? Call it a racist display.

Are those on the left really so thin skinned that all they can do anymore is cry race anytime they don't get their way. I often wondered how the black community would respond to finally having a black President. What would they do when they were "the man"?

Now I know.

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