Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shhhh... did you hear that?

There are a few things in this world that are so quiet that they have gained idiomatic status in the culture. The sound of a pin dropping, crickets... okay, that's all i can think of right now... but I'm sure there are more.

Something that you will almost never hear is a story that has a chance to break the delicate grip the media has on the lies that they roll out on a regular basis.

There's, of course, little one's that are almost harmless. adorable little tid bits like: Men are trying to control and abuse women because they're afraid of the world. That some how we, as men, are so incapable of taking care of the simple things in life that we need to dominate the other half of the species to do it for us. Never mind that we were cooking and doing our laundry looooong before we met our wives. The simple thing to think would be that we were doing all of those things in anticipation of finding a woman that would do it for us.

Seriously, we don't think like this... seriously.
 That's just stupid, and if you believe it than you, sir, are stupid too.

Then there are one's that border on criminal in there telling. For example, the "Global Warming" bull-crap that is being crammed sown our throats. The media would have us believe that the world is in a period insurmountable changes to the climate of the planet and has been for the last hundred years or so. Of course they hope that no one remembers back in the seventies when everyone was on a bout global cooling, and were afraid that we were staring a new ice age dead in the face. But that is nothing new, the media rarely expects anyone to remember what they said yesterday, just what the new version is today.  Of course they also conveniently ignore all of the stories of climate scientist after climate scientist losing his/her job for doctoring numbers to get his/her paper more traction.

For your perusal:

No, Al, I'm not.

 It boggle my mind how ready somany are to accept anything that is thrown at them, simply because they are too lazy to dig into it themselves.  I do realize that in this world we have now people can literally go months without hearing a dissenting thought from another point of view, but this is getting dangerous.

For example: we all heard about the Trayvon thing super fast, right? And this one created a new class the oft-elusive "white-hispanic".  But how many have heard of or are following the cold blodded murder of an Aussi exchange student by some thugs down in Oklahoma?  Look into that one... it's a ton of fun...

Just remember, facts are funny things and many times we can follow the money to find out if something is shady or not, and see where the real hucksters. So next time when something doesn't sound quite right, look to who has the most to gain from keeping the subject quiet, this is probably who is getting away with something.
Most likely this guy.


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