Friday, August 16, 2013

Some People Are Jerks

Recently, Fox News Commentator, Bill O'Reilly ran a talking points memo that featured a young man from California that is perfectly able but refuses to work and receives thousands of dollars in food stamps so he can live a happy surfer life.

The point of O'Reilly's tangent was that the welfare system is out of control in this country and needs to be overhauled so that moochers like this cannot work the system.  Sounds fair to me.

and is really not outside of the normal realm of how O'Reilly commentates. He always has been, and most likely will be, a loud detractor of government waste.
Seriously! Stop it!

 Well, New York's resident Race-baiter, Al Sharpton decided to take old Bill down a peg. Going out and exclaiming that this story was even more concrete proof that O'reilly hates the poor. Now this is no different than How this man normally operates really, making things up and generally not telling the whole story.

Now, in that world you always know something about somebody and you generally hold it close to your vest until it's needed, and that is exactly what Bill did.

Bill O'Reilly apparently hates the poor SOOOOO much, that when Sharpton came to him because a shelter that Al runs in Harlem would not be able to do Christmas dinners, bill cut him a check for $25,000. Assumingly because he hates the poor. A lot.

We'll go ahead and chalk this up to Al not ever really thinking about what he says, does, think, or wears, but I really think that it should show us two things about the man:

1: He forgets details, like, "wow that guy donated $25k when I asked him to"

2: That will say and do anything to keep tensions in this country at a boiling point.

I think it might be that if everyone that listens to him wouldn't, al would have to get a real job.

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