Tuesday, August 20, 2013

where and when

Hello all.

down for a couple of days dealing with...well normal life.  which was really kind of nice not having to worry about how much suck is going on around us.

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. So let's dig in shall we?

Hilariously, there are those that can't stand the idea of a well spoken, thoughtful and thoroughly consistent Republican.  To whit, someone with the Dallas Morning News floated the idea that Sen. Ted Cruz may not be eligible to run for President in 2016 because he was born in Canada... that's all...

His mother went into labor in Canada, registered the new born with the emabassy and went along her, and his merry lives. Now I know what some are thinking, "But this is exactly what the GOP did to What's-his-name".  Not quite. the notion of What's-his-name's status was originally raised by Hillary's ilk. Wisely, Cruz went ahead and put out his birth cert right away... * cough* just saying * cough *

I do find it entertaining how early people are jumping on Cruz though. We are literally not even a full year into What's-his-name's second term. But hey, I guess it's never to early to drag someone through the mud.
McCarthy? Hope no one threw out their shoulder reaching that far back...

A Michigan teacher was sentenced 15-30  for having a sexual relationship with one of his 13 year old students. Shockingly, the other teachers in the area came out to protest that the sentence was too severe for a first time offender.

Let me repeat that for you: the other teachers in the area protested saying that the sentence for statitorily raping a 13 year old boy was too severe for a first time offender. Let that sink in...

Done?  Good.

Let's just take that and leave it where it is and say that no one should keep their kids in those schools, period. But it does get better, when the parents in the town demanded that those teachers be fired, the school said nay, because it would cost the town too much in legal troubles.


And people ask why I plan to home-school...

It goes on and on and on like that all across the news wires.

Friends, it's bad out there. and the media seems only to happy to tell you the least important stuff. Stories that will make you cringe a little but not actually get mad enought ot do something about it. They will never give you quite enough to get out and look for that real truth.

Remember when it came to light that the IRS was targeting, specifically, Tea Party groups for additional scrutiny? Or when the Secretary of State declared loudly "What difference does it make?" to the House investigation committee? No, of course you don't because they couldn't keep a tap on that but they sure as hell could make it go away pretty quick. And they did.

All you're hearing about Egypt is how bad it is that the military is killing protesters.  They don't tell you that the protesters are the Muslim Brotherhood and are responsible for raping young girls and forcing them to convert to Islam. You're not hearing about the business that are being marked with red "X's" to show where Coptic Egyptians have their businesses or the Churches that are being burned to the ground.  They're not telling you that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to push full tilt Caliphate on the country. You know the kind that will throw a woman in prison for being raped and are huge fans of "honor killing"? These are the people that the military in Egypt is trying to save their country from. And President What's-his-name is backing the Muslim Brotherhood, he just silently stopped all Military aid to the country. A sure sign to those that are fighting and dying whose side he's on.

Take a moment to look at yourself, minus the partisanship that we all have and ask yourself, "is this who we are?"

Is the type of people you want the world to see us as?

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