Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So... shit...

Been down and out for a few days... sick babies cannot be avoided.

So, here we are, waiting to find out if there is going to be a limited military strike against Assad and the Syrian regime. I can't help but think something stinks here. For two, almost three years now, Syria has been caught in the throws of a civil war that has progressed down tried and true paths and now we find out that we may get pulled into it.

But why?

For since this started in 2011 there have been uncounted numbers of truly horrific things going on, from both sides. Like this. And we are by no means getting the full story, obviously because the media in Syria is in fact controlled by Assad. But that's not the point, why wait until this supposed attack happened on August 21? There were reports that there were chemical attacks earlier in the summer but no one batted an eye. That special "Red Line" the President had spoken about, a year prior to the date, had been crossed but he had nothing to say on the matter.  For those who don't know what I'm on a about... watch this

Now, what the President said there is very sober, very sane. Hell, I agree with the man on the point. These type of weapons were banned for a freaking reason. An the man clearly says so. I can't beleive I'm saying this, but GO WHAT'S-HIS-NAME!!!! Now all that has to be done is stick to his guns right? Right... but wait... what's this?

Dammit he did it again! I hate it when he does this... It's really not hard, say what you mean and mean what you say.  He is trying to plug this on the "International Community" when you just saw him saw that he would consider it a "Red Line".

I love the smell of politics in the morning...

Either way, should or shouldn't we get involved? That is the real question.

I have heard a lot on both sides, but what we need to ask ourselves is this: would you be for this if this was a President Romney?

If the answer is "no"... well you're part of the problem. Of course, if your answer was "yes", sorry you're out in the cold on this too. Be honest with your convictions, if you were opposed to Iraq on the anti-war platform then this really shouldn't be any different.  Both wars were ill conceived and there is no way that this turns out good for anyone involved.  

Plus what is the plan post-strike?   Is there a plan in place for the possibility of a Syrian strike on Israel as retaliation for our "incredibly small" strike, as SOS Kerry put it.

Iran has said they will retaliate if America hits Syria. Syria being one of Iran's closest allies. and what does Russia do? Syria plays host to one of the few warm sea ports that the Russian navy has access to.

But the real kicker is this: I don't like the man's politics but he is still the President, I respect the power of the office. We need to back him on this for one reason and on reason only...

This clown...

Ali Khamenei, he is the supreme leader of Iran and is watching what this feckless President is going to do. If we blink, he sees it and knows that this might be a good time to have a run amok on everything crappy that he's been doing. Only now, out in the open.

President What's-his-name has put us in a position where the resolve of the US is on display, if we don't carry through, well we just said to all the other dirt bags of the world "Hey, don't worry, we'll get upset but really not do anything about it"

I don't want this, I don't want the possibility of Amrican soldiers being pushd into another ill conceived war, but if we don't do this we leave the door open for many other way worse problems.

Problems, that I don't think this man is up to the task to handle.

"You mean there are cameras? That record what I say... Shit"

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